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Expected Top 50 Verdict Nationwide 2019

Top 50 Verdict Nationwide 2017

Expected top 100 Verdict 2018

Expected top 100 Verdict 2018

April 2019

May 2019

June 2019

June 2019

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$3.1 million settlement

Victim of police brutality, with injuries requiring shoulder and neck surgery.

$3 million settlement

Fall on debris in apartment building. Insurance company agreed to settle only after jury’s liability determination.

$3 million settlement

A black car driver who hit in rear while working, requiring back surgery.

$2.75 million settlement 

Construction worker suffered neck and shoulder injuries on the job, requiring surgery.

$2.5 million Settlement

Client struck by access-a-ride van, requiring back surgery.

$2.5 million settlement at trial

Construction van accident with back injuries requiring surgery. Insurance company took no-pay position denying liability. Settlement offer on fourth day of trial.

$2.1 million mediation SETTLEMENT

Union iron worker not provided with safe ladder or fall protection at large construction site slipped, sustaining spinal injuries.

$2.1 million settlement

64-year-old taxi driver rear-ended, sustaining lower back injury requiring surgery. Settled prior to jury selection.

$2.1 million settlement at triaL

FedEx truck sideswipes client, resulting in serious spinal injury requiring surgery.

Many more $1,000,000+ settlements/verdicts not listed here.

*This list does not include confidential settlements.