The skies should be friendly and safe

When an accident happens in the air, the results can be catastrophic. We help victims and their loved ones obtain just compensation.


While generally safe, air accidents do happen. When someone is injured aboard an airline, it is incumbent on the survivors or those left behind to take action in order to receive compensation for all that was taken from them. We can help.

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When you are injured in an airline accident, or suffer the tragedy of losing a loved one, don't let the grief you feel or the complexity of the situation stand in the way of fair compensation. Contact us for a free consultation, and get the expert legal guidance you require to restore a semblance of normalcy to life and bring closure to this most unfortunate event.


We Know The Process

The injury lawyers of Elefterakis Elefterakis & Panek are highly adept in handling aviation litigation, which can be exceptionally complex. For example, when dependents are left behind who counted on the financial support of the deceased, we factor in the amount they would have received over the course of their lives in order to reclaim their rightful benefits and make the family whole.

Presently, our firm represents a victim in the explosion of Southwest Airlines flight 1380.